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It’s all Greek to me!

When it comes to Mediterranean food, I’m a HUGE fan! I could eat hummus, Greek salad, gyro and the list goes on, every day! Lately I’ve been trying to eat at home more to be a bit more frugal and healthy so I’m getting creative with my lunch time meals. I’ve finally perfected my Greek… Read more »

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Dessert Time 

One thing that you must know about me is that I’m a HUGE sweets fanatic! I love to have dessert after, before or for any meal. When I did the 47 Day Transformation a few months back, I took a hard look at what I consume on a daily basis. Counting my macros, I found… Read more »

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We all Scream for Ice Cream!

Eating healthy has become a way of life for me. Of course I have my chest meals and bites of not so healthy things here and there, but for the most part I stay on track. When I started the 47 Day Transformation, our trainers gave us tips and tricks of the trade. The people… Read more »

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Transformation Tuesday 

Since the 47 Day Transformation has ended about a month ago, I’ve been attempting to maintain all of the hardwork I put in. Throughout the process I was extremely dedicated and very strict, minus some cake at my daughter’s 2nd birthday. Now that the challenge is completed, I’m definitely trying very hard to keep my… Read more »

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Yummy Treat 

Since I ended the 47 Day Transformation, I’ve kept my usual eating routine. My favorite part of that is my afternoon shake or smoothie. I found a protein powder I actually like and that doesn’t mess up my stomach. I’ve come to realize that my stomach is sensitive to whey protein, so I stick to… Read more »

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Day 50 

This last Friday, I completed my 47 Day Transformation with the amazing team at Jeremy Scott Fitness! I’ve learned a lot throughout this process about health and even about myself. Through this process we were given directions and tips to either implement or not. It was completely up to us. I took this opportunity and… Read more »