Tomorrow Sleep

This post is sponsored by Tomorrow Sleep, but the content and opinions expressed are my own. Having a good mattress is EVERYTHING! Every night after momming all day, all I want to do is jump into bed and binge watch my favorite shows. After living with my parents for about 6 months, it was definitely… Read more »

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Sprinkled with Love

Last weekend my Mom and sister Gabby threw me the most gorgeous sprinkle to celebrate my baby boy. I was a little worried since I am so far along, but with a little help from a spary tan, blow out, and carefully picked dress, I was feeling like the bell of the ball. This time… Read more »


Preggo chic

Being three weeks away from my due date with over 100 degree temps, there’s not much I can do to hide this big old bump. This will be my last pregnancy and I am continuously trying out new styles to accommodate my growing figure. Since having my daughter I’ve discovered so many more options clothing… Read more »

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My time for luxury with Heidi Houston

My pajama and loungewear collection over the years has contained oversized sweatpants and shirts collected over the years from different events. Even though I am in my thirties, I still never made the switch to comfy attire for around the house that actually looked good. During this second pregnancy I’ve finally made the switch to… Read more »


Kiddo TV

Keeping your kids busy, especially during the summer, is definitely a tough task for any parent. I know I’m struggling lately especially because we are mostly stuck indoors with temperatures reaching up to 120 degrees some days here! I’m always looking for new ways to entertain my precocious and rambunctious three year old. We aren’t… Read more »


Dermatologist’s Choice Skincare

Skincare has always been important to me ever since I was little. When I was about 10 years old I remember my mom taking me to the local mall to the beauty counter to purchase my first skincare regimen, and I was hooked ever since. I’ve done my research over the years to try to… Read more »


Medspa at Home

Let’s face it, time spent on myself is limited these days. With a three year old always on the go, a home remodel and being almost 33 weeks pregnant, I am spending less time on me lately. I know that giving up this precious time to primp and meet my basic needs is important but… Read more »


Saving for the future with Kidfund

My husband is constantly reminding me how we need to cut back on all of the junk in our house and minimize our belongings. I don’t blame him, we have a lot of stuff! As soon as I had my baby shower for my daughter, things got very real. Tons of gifts began arriving in… Read more »


Healthy egg muffins featuring NatureSweet Eclipses

Things get super crazy around here, especially in the mornings. I run off to bootcamp to get in my workout, then I race home to get breakfast on the table for the family. I attempt to get everyone’s lunch ready, because I’m horrible at prepping the night before and get everyone dressed. Sometimes I need… Read more »


Skip the Grocery Store

Grocery shopping is not my favorite thing in the world to do as the shopper of the house. I am responsible for making sure the house is stocked each week with our usual items that are imperative for our survival. Think eggs, bananas, yogurt etc. As for meal planning, that’s where all the time and… Read more »

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    The Dream Cream

    Late nights and early mornings have become the usual routine around here. In the morning, im up as early as 5:30 to get my workout in before everyone, including the sun, is up. After I workout, I immediately go into the kitchen to make everyone breakfast and pack up lunches for the day.  I make… Read more »

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    Healthy indulgence

    Being pregnant and having a sweets loving toddler isn’t always the best combination. I’m constantly yearning for sweet treats and my little red head is my tiny partner in crime when it comes to indulging. It’s hard to say no to that grocery store cookie or the slow churned ice cream nowadays but I’m constaly… Read more »

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    Yours Truly 

    As a busy mom who works at home and now pregnant with my second kiddo, I try to find ways to make my life easier when it comes to buying everyday things for my household. I’m all about curbside grocery pick up and getting things delivered straight to my door nowadays since I have a… Read more »

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    The Great Outdoors

    Spring has arrived here in Arizona and we couldn’t be more excited! Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and the great outdoors are calling our names. This time of year we try to get outside as much as possible. In the mornings my daughter loves to garden with her Daddy in the backyard and… Read more »

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    Maternity Style 

    Hi everyone! I haven’t blogged in a VERY long time. Things got a little crazy over here with being a mommy, work, and now being pregnant again. This time around things are a lot different. Chasing a toddler around makes things a bit more interesting and makes this preggo mama a lot more tired! Nap… Read more »

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    Love Notes

    I could tell that my hubby was feeling a little stressed and not acting quite like himself the past few weeks. Between dealing with me in my first trimester (I’m a nightmare), a toddler with tantrums, work stress and more, he was definitely having a rough time. I knew I had to step in to… Read more »

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    Hello Fresh

    Hello Fresh With a new year, new resolutions and goals are made.  We all want to do better at life whether its organization, being more present, working on our fitness or getting back in the kitchen. (All of those are definitely my goals) All of us busy mommies know that cooking isn’t always easy. We… Read more »

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    Take a Peek

    Take a Peek With peek-a-bear My daughter is currently obsessed with books. She loves to read anytime of the day whether she on the couch in between a play break, on the potty or at night in bed before sleep time. As her mommy, I am not opposed to this new healthy obsession! Her favorite… Read more »

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    Holiday Books

    Need a good kids book as a gift for the holidays? I love to get my daughter holiday themed books for the holidays. She usually gets one for each night of Hanukkah. It is a tradition that I have been doing since her first Hanukkah. These two books are great gifts for the holidays! Both… Read more »

  • Simple Moments

    Enjoying the Simple Moments   Let’s face it, no one really loves to clean. I am totally guilty of buying time to clean the house by making excuses or even having good excuses like spending time with the family. With holiday season in full swing, my time to keep the house clean is getting smaller… Read more »